Retirement Planning 

Goals-Based Retirement Planning is rooted in our belief that investment solutions should match up with investor goals. We have found a common path that investors experience along their financial journey. This path is summed up in three unique stages identified as: Accumulation, Preservation and Distribution.  

Using a goals-based approach, each client’s investment-related goals can be viewed in three stages: 

GAIN Stage:

Primary Objective: Accumulation 

*The reason for growing wealth is to support life goals in retirement and for legacy purposes. 

Risk Metric: Volatility 

*Greater volatility and declining markets can potentially create bad investor behavior. 


Primary Objective: Preservation 

*The goal here is to safeguard wealth against catastrophic losses that can wreck financial plans. 

Risk Metric: Drawdown 

*The Protect stage typically begins fairly close to a client’s desired start of the Spend stage, which means there isn’t a long time frame to recover from heavy drawdown periods. 

SPEND Stage:

Primary Objective: Distribution 

*It is evidently clear that people are enjoying a more lengthy and active retirement. The SPEND stage ensures that preserved wealth is there to meet the cash flow needs for the retiree. 

Risk Metric: Longevity 

*Running out of money before the goal is fully met is the dominant investment risk in this stage. 

We recognize that it is not everyone’s dream to actually retire. Some individuals love to work no matter how much wealth they have accumulated. Due to medical events or other circumstances, some people don’t have the choice as to whether they can continue to work or not. We believe our goals-based approach gives clients the peace of mind knowing a strong plan is in place that will give them the freedom and flexibility to choose their ultimate path for retirement. 

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