Financial Planning 

We are committed to helping our clients during every stage of their financial journey. Financial planning is an ongoing, proactive process that keeps clients engaged and focused on their goals. Throughout the lives of our clients, we often communicate with their other trusted Advisors such as CPA’s, Lenders and Estate Planning attorneys. 


The initial discovery process allows our team to find out what matters most to our clients. Financial planning is as much about life, as it is accumulating, preserving and spending wealth. In our early meetings, we get to know what’s important about money to our clients. By completing a thorough analysis, we will have a clear understanding of one’s current financial picture and the outcomes they wish to achieve. Some important items that are discussed: 

  • Cash Flow Planning 

  • Debt Reduction 

  • Financial commitments to family members 

  • Current investment accounts 

  • Current retirement accounts 

  • Current real estate holdings

  • Near-term expenses 

  • Charitable gifting  

  • Insurance coverages 

  • Education needs  

Goals-Based Planning

Once the initial discovery process is complete, we match client interests with the appropriate goals- based investment strategy. Additionally, we assess debt levels and provide a plan to get out of debt if warranted. 


Our financial planning software is the springboard that gives clients a tangible visual of their current financial life, and where they are headed. We not only monitor the assets we are managing, but also have the ability to keep track of outside assets such as 401k plans and other investment accounts. Our goal is to have a rock solid plan in place so clients can do the things they love to do and not worry about their finances.

Want to start your path to financial freedom?