We create unique plans to help our clients build a sustainable future.


Intrepid Wealth Management is a goals-based wealth management firm dedicated to helping clients on their courageous journey to financial freedom. As a firm, we provide goals-based planning, always placing our client’s interests first. 

Brandon Cass founded Intrepid recognizing that each client’s financial journey is a valiant one. We believe planning for one’s own retirement or leaving a legacy for the next generation are sensitive matters. These things should be handled with care.  Our desire is that our client’s would experience financial peace, with a sense of security and confidence in the plans that are put in place. 


Core Values


Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching” -C.S. Lewis 

We uphold to the highest of standards to put our client’s interests ahead of our own. It is an honor serving our clients, knowing we have been entrusted to be good stewards of their wealth. This is a position we value, motivating us to strive for exceptional outcomes without compromise. 


We believe our financial planning has a unique, life-long impact on our clients. When it comes to money, we recognize that fear is a common emotion that people experience. We guide our clients through the complex world of financial products, maintaining the heart of a teacher. We know we’ve made impact when our clients feel safe, secure and confident in the plan that is put in place. 


We believe all of the clients, prospects and professionals we work with should be treated with respect and courtesy. This attitude has led to a culture of serving throughout our organization. We are committed to being exceptional listeners, addressing the needs of our clients so they feel comfortable engaging with any and all of our team members. Our desire is that each interaction with our firm would be a positive, memorable experience. 

Prepare For the Journey

Our goals-based approach to investing


As a firm, we create strategies that are designed to accumulate, preserve and distribute wealth in order to address the demands of each stage.